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Welcome, Traveler!

This website is entirely dedicated to all things Marble Blast that I deem worthy enough to be put here.

Random Marblez :p

17th July 2023 -
Leaderboards for Fusion?

I've been toying around with the possibility of making Leaderboards for either Fusion or another minimod I'm thinking of making...and holy FUCK i think I have it figured out.

Turns out I have to learn PHP and MySQL shits, and also have to have a server and shit ughhhhh many moneyz involved in this :p

I'll try to do something simple with localhost and will update you all with the results tho!

12th February 2023 -
Matan's Old Soundpack released for PQ!

To install it, download it by clicking the "PQ Sound Pack: Old Matan Sounds" button in the "Download Links" category.

After downloading the .zip file, dump the "ap_matanold" folder inside of the .zip into ~/platinum/data/sound.

Expect me to release some more Soundpacks in the future, including but not limited to: Connie Voice Soundpack and MIDI Soundpack.

11th February 2023 -

Connie's Road Parts released!!! :D

Using these interiors, you can expand your possibilities by having more Road stock interiors!

To install and use these interiors, simply download them by clicking the "Connie's MBG Road Parts" button, then dumping the contents of the .zip file into ~/platinum/data/interiors_mbg/custom.

Showcase images below:


* All of them *


* Old vs New *


* Side Comparison *


* Front/Back Comparison *

11th February 2023 -

Finally got my first thing up on this site, a simple ass Randomizer. More stuff to come soon! :p


Download Links :3

* Button leads to Github page with Info *

* Now you can build better MBG levels using Connie's new Road Stock Interiors! More info on the "Random Marblez" section. *

* An old Soundpack that Matan used to use back in the 2000s that I retrieved from The Marble Blast site and turned into a PQ Soundpack. *

* Button will lead to Github page with Info *